Top 4 Things to Avoid When Wearing Jewelry – A Summer Guide


Top 4 Things to Avoid When Wearing jewelry This summer.png

Summer is right around the corner and there are some major mishap possibilities when it comes to jewelry. Here are the top four things to avoid this summer to make sure your jewelry stays sparkling and new!

1. Salt Water (or pool water)


In the summer heat, pools and the ocean are a welcome relief! Unfortunately, their contents can be seriously harmful to jewelry. Salt water leads to tarnishing and corrosion, so leave your jewelry at home before heading to the beach!

Pro Tip: Keep leather jewelry dry at all times!

2. Bug Spray and Suntan Lotion

giphy (1).gif

Lotions and bug sprays can sneak into the crevices of chains and prongs. Both create a film on your jewelry and make it dull. The best solution is to remove jewelry when apply either this summer!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to take off rings when apply sunscreen or bug spray!

3. Perfume

 giphy (2).gif

With summer time comes the best summer fragrances! However, if not used properly perfumes can dull the finish on gemstones and silver. The synthetic and chemicals found in most fragrances discolors pearls and gems and tarnishes silver. It’s best to let perfume dry for 10 minutes before putting on your gems and jewels!

Pro Tip: Bracelets are definitely something you want to take off before spritzing your wrists!

4. Sweat

giphy (3).gif

Your own sweat and body oils can dull the shine of your jewelry. So before you go to your summer cycling class or jog around the block it might be best take your jewelry off. If you’d rather keep your jewelry on during physical activity opt in for a DIY cleaning.

Pro Tip: Necklaces are something easy to forget to take off before you head to the gym. Don’t forget to leave it in your gym bag!

If you’re having extensive fun in the summer sun make sure your jewelry is protected! When in doubt take if off for the time being. If your jewelry gets exposed to any of the above make sure to thoroughly clean and dry it as soon as possible. The longer chemicals or salt water linger, the longer they have the potential to damage your jewelry!

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