Which Jewelry Should You Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Ever wonder which jewelry fits your sign the best? Look no further! We have put together the perfect list to depict which jewelry you should wear based on your sign!

Aries – Spike Chokers

Aries are pioneers and make an impact in whatever they are set to do. They use their jewelry choices to make an impact too! Aries have high energy and enthusiasm that is reflected in their accessories. The best way to represent their spirit and strong willed nature is with spikes and angular shapes. Being the first in the zodiac sign it’s no wonder that Aries are always ahead when it comes to fashion trends and style choices. Aries were rocking the choker before it was cool. LSJ’s Spike Leather Choker is the perfect choice for a strong willed Aries trying to capture her essence.


Arizona Girl Shelly Stuckman in her Gold Spike Camel Leather Choker.

spike leather.jpg

Taurus – SOBE Topaz Bedazzle Triple Wrap 

A Taurus girl is practical in nature, yet self indulgent and enjoys the materialistic things in life. They always go for trendy jewelry and team them up with classic looks. Tauruses love extremes and their style can range from delicate jewelry to bold pieces. This Earth Sign should opt for pieces with yellow hues to reflect their grounded nature such as topaz or amber. To keep intact with their grounded side while releasing their bold spirit, Taurus girls should wear pieces like LSJ’s SOBE Topaz Bedazzle Triple Wrap Bracelet.

Screenshot (357).png

LuxMommy Amanda in her SOBE Topaz Camel Leather Triple Wrap!

SOBE Bedazzle Topaz-White_MH.JPG

Gemini – Touch Star Necklace

Geminis are known for their vibrant and lively personalities. They love jewelry that makes them feel young! They don’t usually go for statement pieces, but admire delicate designs, such as hearts and stars. Basically, anything that is colorful, quirky and sparkles! The Gemini girl is witty and communicative, something that is reflected in her desire to communicate through jewelry. With charms to communicate to the world and jewelry the works for more than one occasion, the Gemini is one happy girl. LSJ’s Touch Star Necklace is the perfect gift for this expressive sign.


Touch Star Gold Necklace(MH).jpg


Cancer – Touch My Heart Ring

There’s no price too high to pay when it comes to the Cancer girl. These girls are extremely sentimental and believe in “Forever & Always”. They cling to things just like they cling to their emotions and never let go. Their jewelry always has an emotional reason behind it, whether a gift or a memory. Being guided by their emotions and their heart is why the LSJ’s Touch My Heart Ring is the perfect piece for the Cancer girl.

Banner Image1Touch My Heart Ring Silver MH.JPG

Leo – Edge Gold Bracelet Stack

Let’s face it, Leos and drama go hand in hand. They love the limelight and go for bold statement pieces and chunky jewelry. Leos also have big hearts! Just like their hearts of gold, they love gold jewelry! One piece of jewelry would never do for a Leo. This diva of a sign always opts for stacks of bracelets and layered necklaces. This is why LSJ’s Edge Gold Stack is the perfect option for the Leo girl.

Edge Gold Stack Bracelet.jpg

Edge Stack GOLD_EditedMH.jpg

Virgo – Delicate Necklace Collection

Virgos are meticulous in nature and notice each and every detail in anything they see. This modest sign loves simple and delicate jewelry. They never opt for overpowering pieces, but very subtle in taste. Somewhat shy, the Virgo girl strays away from bringing attention to herself and reflects this is her jewelry and style choices. LSJ’s Delicate Nut Necklace is the perfect piece for Virgos, with its delicate and minimalistic style and Pave detailing.

Delicate Pave Nut Silver.JPG

Libra – Pow Wow Triple Wrap

The Libra girl is credulous and easily influenced by others, which might not be as bad as one might think! Libras pick up on fashion trends quickly. They know what looks good on them and enjoy uncomplicated jewelry. As their sign depicts, they know how to balance the scales and have a balanced attitude towards wearing jewelry. A Libra girl who knows her fashion trends knows that Turquoise and Whites are in this summer! That’s why LSJ’s Pow Wow Triple Wrap is the perfect accessory for the Libra, lover of all beautiful things.

Pow Wow.PNGPow_Wow_Silver_Triple_Wrap_White_2__76393.1485134384.1280.1280.jpg


Scorpio – Evil Eye Nut Gold Bracelet

Scorpio, the most difficult sign to read! The Scorpio girl is multi-faceted and hides her emotions from the world. They live in their own cocoon and hardly show their true self to others. Scorpios like their jewelry to be subtle, but multi-faceted (like their personalities), with hidden meanings and messages. LSJ’s Evil Eye Nut Gold Bracelet is the perfect piece for the Scorpio girl. This subtle bracelets looks like a regular accessory, but the evil eye in the center of the piece represents good luck and protection.


A Double Dose blogger Alexis Belbel in her Gold Evil Eye Nut Bracelet.


Sagittarius – Monte Carlo Aqua Studs

The Sagittarius girl can be spotted by her jovial and “oh-so-optimistic” attitude towards life. This girl never wants to settle down and loves to explore the world. The Sagittarius’ lucky stone is Turquoise, so its best for them to incorporate the stone into their jewelry pieces. With a love for travel and adventure, jewelry with a worldly essence is best for this Fire Sign. LSJ’s Monte Carlo Aqua Studs are the perfect piece for the Sagittarius girl. This piece not only draws inspiration from Monte Carlo, but also features the sign’s lucky stone.

Untitled design (37).png

Monte Carlo Turquoise Earring Gold-EditedMH.jpg

Capricorn – Good Karma Triple Wrap Bracelet

The Capricorn girl is highly ambitious and always goes for high-end jewelry pieces. For them, jewelry is an investment. With their pragmatic approach to life, jewelry is more than style; its an asset. Capricorns focus on high quality and craftsmanship when picking out their pieces, something Liza Schwartz prides herself on. Being an Earth Sign and enjoying everything close to nature, the Capricorn should opt for leather jewelry. LSJ’s Good Karma Triple Wrap Bracelets are the perfect piece for the Capricorn girl, leather jewelry with a high-end appeal.

Untitled design (38).pngGood_Karma_Gold_Triple_Wrap_White__67024.1486759563.1280.1280.jpg

Aquarius – Ultra Woman Bracelet

Aquarius girls are true humanitarians. They are original and like to invent things. This inventive style translates into their jewelry pieces. They have a progressive and independent spirit that draws them to pieces that are unlike anything their friends have in their closet. When it comes to jewelry, they like to find pieces unlike anything they’ve seen before. This is not the girl with the delicate bangle, but chunky necklaces and notice-me cuffs. LSJ’s Ultra Woman bangle is perfect for the bold Aquarius girl.

@Jaime_Cittadino 1.jpg

Sunflowers & Stilettos Jaimie Cittadino in her Ultra Woman Bracelet.

Pisces – Tic Toc Lariat Necklace

Pisces are selfless and unworldly, yet great leaders. They move flawlessly from one trend to the next. This Water Sign is both generous and tolerant. The Pisces girl is very friendly, and often finds herself in the company of other people. Highly moody, it’s hard to predict just what jewelry this sign will wear. A Pisces girl who is always on trend and needs flexibility of style; that’s why LSJ’s Tic Toc Lariat Necklace is perfect, with it’s adjustable length.






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