Fall Trends: Pow Wow Black Onyx Bracelet

Fall Trends: Pow Wow Black Onyx Bracelet


Turquoise step aside, there’s a new gem in town! As the sun sets on summer, a new gemstone arises; the onyx.

Turquoise has been the staple piece of the summer. Pieces like our Monte Carlo Aqua Studs and Pow Wow Triple Wrap Bracelets have been more popular than ever! However, with fall right around the corner it’s time to start updating our wardrobe and exploring new trends.

Onyx is to fall as turquoise was to summer, aka the biggest trend of the season! Here at LSJ, we bring onyx to you in a new and inspired way. Inspired by Native American spirit, peace and harmony our Pow Wow bracelets complete any fall look with their new onyx gem addition.

Pow Wow Bracelets Ad4-7-26-17.jpgPow Wow Bracelets Ad5-7-26-17.jpg

Fun Fact! In England, they named an entire era after Queen Victoria. She was a fashion influencer centuries ahead of her time. When her husband, Prince Albert passed, she only wore black jewelry made of jet or onyx.


 Increase the modern edge of your look by stacking LSJ pieces!


Gold Pow Wow Onyx Single | Gold Good Karma Triple Wrap | Gold Touch Solar Ring


Silver Pow Wow Onyx Triple Wrap | Silver Love Screw | Silver Touch Solar Ring