Introducing: The Delicate Necklace Collection – Solar | Heart |Evil Eye | Hamsa

Introducing: The Delicate Necklace Collection

Solar | Heart | Evil Eye | Hamsa

The right jewelry can elevate any outfit and your necklace of choice can have the biggest impact of them all. When it comes to accessorizing sometimes the chicest option is minimalist jewelry. If you thought simple jewelry is boring, think again. Often the best way to complete your style while looking well put together is with a delicate touch. Remain on trend and classic with our Delicate Necklace Collection.

1. Solar Delicate Necklace 

The sun revolves around you when you wear this piece. This delicate piece is perfect for standing alone or layering with other necklaces.

Untitled design (8)

Solar Gold Delicate Necklace | Solar Silver Delicate Necklace



2. Heart Delicate Necklace

We all have that special someone, even if that someone is just yourself! A romantic gesture or just something to #TreatYourself, this heart necklace is the perfect addition to any collection.

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Gold Heart Delicate Necklace | Silver Heart Delicate Necklace



3. Evil Eye Delicate Necklace

The Evil Eye offers extra protection and beauty. Keep good luck with you all day with this piece around your neck!

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Evil Eye Gold Delicate Necklace | Evil Eye Silver Delicate Necklace



4. Hasma Delicate Necklace 

Keep good luck and protection next to your heart. The minimalist hams is a great addition to any outfit, layered or alone.

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Gold Hamsa Delicate Necklace | Silver Hamsa Delicate Necklace